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My 2015 in review

So Stupid…not able to remmember my hubby HP no.
Even more stupid... until now not even start to memorizing his no.
Best day ever… Penang trip!!!! best food best people and awesome memory!
On replay… All friends old episode.. my best detox moment
Totally loving… procrastinating all task...
Never would have thought… I able to complete the task that my boss gave to me, with minimal guidance.
Really enjoying… Instragraming time, early in the morning and my baby still sleeping... ahh
Terrified of... late menstrual periode.. erm @_@
Hate… stuck in lift with people with body odor
Love the weather when... morning, after rain (perfect combo)
Best age... Not really sure. Maybe this age??!!?
Regretting… Eating 8 bala bala for lunch, tepar because of gastric
No time for… Ironing clothes..
Always hungry for... street food, indonesian, malaysian, you name it.. all street food..
Always ready to travel to... Banduuunggg.. Kumaha damang?
So disgusting… Saw a 'celengan' behind man pants, when was riding a bus. NIGHTMARE
Pushing myself... not skip my zumba session. come on GIRLL!!
Really want to... redecorating my house, hello IKEA how are you???.
Kind of missing... arisan session with my whole big fam.
Dancing to… all songs that my baby likes..

Note from 2015 for 2016,
Despite the society only judge from your instagram/FB feed, the true meaning of our life is from inside our heart and brain. Don't be fooled by nice clothes or branded shoes, that not defined your own happiness. Pursue your happiness with some real thing, such as healthy lifestyle, exercise more, read your books, listen more, try to understand more less gossiping, pray more less complaining, blessing others more with smile or sincere gesture. Stay away for materialism. Value your time with your family, this precious time only happen once in our lifetime.

In summary,
There's a lot of thing I grateful for. Maybe some of part of 2015 marks with a sad memory but deep down in my heart I just want to get the lesson and enjoy the process. I truly amaze when I able to completed this year with easy going style (hahaha.. I am type of person that often stress on every problem, even on the silly one)


  1. Terrified of... late menstrual periode?? Gpp kali aja baby jil mau punya dede. hahaha...
    happy new year tina... miss u super much :D

  2. hehehe belum plan untuk nambah lagi... mungkin bukan dalam waktu deket muut.. Happy new year too!!


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