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Project recharge the positivity

I've been living closely with someone that need to 'worked out'. And I'm really struggle to adapt and reconcile with 'the person'. Like we are from different word and yet have the same destination.

So I create this 30 days challenge for myself, without no-one knowing this. :D

The challenge is :
- To slow spoken
- To hear more
- Try to understand more as if you were wearing their's shoes.
- How I improve the relationship : offer helps/ smile/ give small gift, etc.
- Make a room for forgiveness.

Once I performed this journey,  I entitled to one of this luxury :)
Please help me to pick one ( YEAY)

(option 1) kiehl's midnight recovery 30ml/ 200RM
I plan to use this as night skin regime, since a lot of blogger give a positive review for this item.
Its a anti aging oil also....errmm yummy :)

Woman, you worth the splurge!

Can I describe a woman?

Pregnant, PMS, emotional?? , gossip, make up, baby, mom, caring and so on. Woman in this centuries has been playing multiple role in her live. Bread winner, financial planner, educator, comforter, sometimes also as a father. Women, you are the resource for people around you, yet you forget that you also need to re-charge your inner self too.
This mind came across my mind when I was overwhelm during take care of my first month newborn. As that time I feel, I need to be a perfect daughter in law ( my mil and I was distant but we need to be close as we will live together), best mother (even I don't have any clue, what should I do when my baby cry), caring daughter (haven't meet my parent for a long time, and father was ill) and loving wife (I really missed to be really closed with him). No need to guess, It was impossible to be perfect. Before that moment, I already research, browsing, attending every preparation class, and all possibility that I can done to…