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Lulus kok jadi makin galau

Masih dalam the series of galauness.... Jadi tiba tiba dapet durian runtuh untuk bisa ikut Oracle certification yang di akomodasi sama perusahaan. Ga pake mikir.. ikutan dongs.. emang udah cita cita dari dulu pengen ikutan peginian. Tapi jaman dulu sih maju mundur (read: ga pernah ada action) untuk ikutan.. Soalnya mehong Ndro!... kalo kaga lulus pegimana.. masa jadi expensive mistake lagee.. Cusss kesempatan yang di kasih dari perusahaan ini gw embat  aja.. toh duit project ini. Ga lulus juga ga jadi tekanan batin....

Sempet sempet nya lagi waktu coba daftar ujiannya salah ambil modul.. mao ambil modul A malah kepilih modul C.. BUSETTT... untung aja bisa di cancel.. Kalo engga expensive mistake nih... ( terus wee).. Trus aku kan masih luguuuu bin unyu gini untuk masalah ujian ujian peginian.. Jadilah kita mao janjian sama temen yang laen untuk ambil ujian yang sama jam nya... Sapa tau yaa sapa tau bisa kode kodeann / nyanyian kode.

'Senen jam 4 ya Jek!!'
 'ok jam 4!'

Butuh Konsen ehhh malah melow..

Senen nanti ujian sertifikasi Oracle OIII!!! Bangun bangun.. bukan nya belajar.. ini malah meresapi lirik nya dewa 'Selimut Hati'

Oallaaa ndro dro.. apa kabar ntar pas ujian.. :(

Dewa19 - Lirik Selimut Hati
Aku kan menjadi malam-malam mu..
Kan menjadi mimpi-mimpi mu..
Dan selimuti hati mu..
Yang beku..

Aku kan menjadi bintang-bintang mu..
Kan slalu menyinari mu..
Dan menghapus rasa rindu mu..
Yang pilu..

Aku bisa..
untuk menjadi apa yang kau minta
Untuk menjadi apa yang kau impikan
Tapi ku tak bisa menjadi dirinya...

Aku kan menjadi embun pagi mu..
Yang kan menyejukkan jiwa mu..
Dan kan membasuh hati mu..
Yang layu..

Aku bisa..
untuk menjadi apa yang kau minta
Untuk menjadi apa yang kau impikan
Tapi ku tak bisa menjadi dirinya...

Tinggalkan sejenak lalu mu..
Beri sedikit waktu..
Kepada ku..
Tuk menyakinkanmu....

Aku kan menjadi malam-malam mu..
Kan menjadi mimpi-mimpi mu..
Dan selimuti hati mu..
selimuti hati mu..
selimuti hati mu.. (6x)

Sumber :…

My Second Big Changes

Never across in my mind that being a  mother is a big transition in my life time. Bear in mind that I am a selfish, workaholic and ambitious person (as my father claim). As per now I've been enjoying my part as a working mom. Able to spend play time with my only one precious 10 month daughter. and pursue my carrier (the truth is to get money to shopping). Despite the main reason (read: money for shopping), there's some reason I love to work:
- By working I able to keep my insanity, no need to 24/7 facing with house chores that I m not good at it.
- Meet with my work collague chatting, erm basically simply meeting with people makes you refresh. And knowing world from different perspective, its keep amaze me (most of it in a positive way).
- To able acomplish a target or able to put some good value in my workplace or being appreciate by your superior base on your work, for me its a positive value that keep me energized each day.
- I can always learn a new thing.

But recently I w…

List that I looking for...

Instead of feeling down when I'm counting down my time to become full time mom from working mom. Lets just try to focusing what is the positive side become full time mom.
So lets list out things that I want to try / do during my new job title "Full Time Mom"

To refresh my 'dead brain', I need to:
- study for TOEFL, perhaps I still got chance to pursue my Master dream.
- How about learn how to play guitar in Youtube streaming video??? Is it awesome?

How if we try to be more updated (hahahhahaha),
- New hair color maybe???
- Since most of my time will be with my baby J, so why not to learn how to trim my own bang? :D
- I can pamper my skin (masker time) :D yuuuhuuu.. so just forget all the dirty laundry... shall we?

New creative activity with baby J:
- How about to enjoy the afternoon walking with her.. dating with baby J
- Creative time with her, coloring, sensory time with food, erm ok I will try

Please remind me again with all this item.. And for now, I need to…

When you try to spoke with strangers

Sounds bits strange isn't it? Today I decide to be more open with stranger, erm.. taksi driver. I was so amazed that he so lively share his opinion about the equality about the nationality. I not totally agree with his believe. But something that I honestly admire is, how he believe on his thought and how he use his taksi to tell the WORLD about this. Dear sir (66 yo) thanks for your sharing, somehow it made my day and remind me again to strive what ever I believed and be more positive.

And in the afternoon,
I had a great tea time with one of my friend. During the sharing, she was so passionate told me about her dream and the milestones that she need to accomplish in next 2/3 years time. Wow younger than me but have a big big dream, and earlier in morning I met old soul that live life in their fullest.

Amazing day to start :)

Thanks for letting me hear your thought, and I am glad I can see another side of the world from your eyes.