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Not only I often procrastinate to do work related things or home work stuff. I also tend to procrastinate to splurge or to buy some stuff that I need. My 6 years old vacuum cleaner decided to die, 3 months ago. So for clean the floor, left me with my traditional broom. Hate it.. Really hate it..

I really hate when the dust flying around, when I sweep the floor. Also its so tedious job, time consuming, impractical and not totally clean. Yeah maybe its the way I sweep the floor that far from correct. But still hate hate hate. I really missed the time that my vacuum just suck all the dusk, instead fall over places. 

And the budget is there, but I still think with no conclusion, which vacuum need to buy.

Is it the cordless one..

or the Robot , this awesome tiny little creature..

Whats now


Bit surprise for myself, when I heard people said this to me "Don't be such a perfect person.."

It hit me as, I portray myself as faaaaaaaar beyond perfection. You might need to see inside of me. But I took that as a compliment.

In my early 20 years, I tend to chase a happy life. I don't actually accept other emotion beside sad/ disappointment /anxiety etc. What in my mind is we strive to be happy. Happy is the only goal, and beside that is not a norm.

As a time goes by, that took me to ignore my other part of mine. There been aggressive and ambitious to achieve any thing that I define as accomplishment of happiness. Naaah nor expensive thing, XX amount of salary, buy this and that make me happy... To be precise, I not content with my life. The pray from my mouth was only list of  word, The pray is my form for my gratitude.

Still that not sufficient without we acknowledge the whole aspect. I need to truthfully accept all condition that comes withi…