Langsung ke konten utama

It will be painful, but its okay. It will be happy but its temporary.

If normal human average human age can live is 70 years, it means I almost past my half journey of my life.

In some phase of life, purpose / goal of life is important. At most of times, I tried to pursue happiness even I still trying to imagine the shape of happiness itself. This years my mindset seems see different side of life. As happiness is no longer a important. What I believe now either happiness or sadness or exciting or grave and anything is temporary. I am trying to cherish it with keep on walking on every season of my life. Some part of my life I able to walk with all people who loved me and in other part of my life I still need to able to support my self by walking step by step even though its hard.

In the bright sunny day, do enjoy all the warmth and seized the day. This warmth will no last forever, enjoy while it last. Be nice to all people around us. Let the warmth be contagious. Raining days blessed me with the wise though that come in to my mind, let me to meditate and allow we to be present. What ever it brings, the rain allow me to took break from my life.  To be present and hear the voices from my thought. And the rain it will stop eventually, be ready to take the step and resume the journey.

Few new thing I've been doing lately is to be more open to people. Its quite scary to let my guard down. As I cannot keep or maintain my expectation with additional variable into my life. [inhale] Its OK, just surprise me.

One more thing that really important is..
Know when you need to cut / get out from situation that consume you. For what ever reason, I know that I tried but not all can work. And its fine. And it is life.


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